We’re a community of self–starting designers, developers, and digital makers working together in the heart of Capitol Hill.

* Tours by appointment only.

Sarah Rudd

Sarah Rudd

Stats Geek

Adam Kramer

Adam Kramer

Software Developer

Aaron Gaponoff

Aaron Gaponoff

Motion Graphics

Alexandra Riegler

Alexandra Riegler


Hayes the Dog


Alexandra’s Dog

Steve Slotnick

Steve Slotnick

Software Engineer
LinkedIn Profile

David Hultengren

David Hultengren

Soccer Dude

Charles Ellis

Charles Ellis

Game Developer



Resident peanut
butter Connoisseur

Illustration of available desks at The Mill

Dedicated Desks

Your very own workspace, with 24/7 access to the building and our studios.

Great Location

Our neighborhood (Cap Hill) is the best in Seattle, and we have a 97 Walk Score to prove it.

Creative Community

We are a group of creative folks, with a mix of designers, developers, and writers.

Take a Load Off

Relax in our lounge, complete with couch, chairs, and a fridge.

Talk Amongst Yourselves

We have a shared conference room on our floor.

Look Ma, No Wires

Speedy, business–class wifi from our friends at Comcast.

Park Yourself

Take a computer break, and hang out at Cal Anderson Park.

Park Your Bike

Save the environment and stash your bike in our garage.

Park Your Car

Clients can easily park in the building garage.

Bring Fido to Work

We like dogs, and so does our building management!

Keep it Paperless

We handle everything digitally, including rent and paperwork.

Upcycled Desks & Tables

We get all of our desks from UW Surplus, and they rock.

Work It Out

Free 30min personal training session or one bootcamp with our partner Greene Multisport.

Zip Zip Zip

Get discounted weekday rates with our partner in collaborative consumption, Zipcar.